The rat pack , are all time singer like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin , Sammy Davis Jr , and more, been in movie together ……

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The Rat Pack was a fashion icon in 1950s …

The rat pack is a timeless group consisting of Frank Sinatra and dean martin , Sammy Davis jr , Peter Lawford , and Joey bishop, was led by group of relations master , Humphrey Bogart , and it was the essence of entertainment … The Rat Pack lit up the Vegas strip in the 1960s and turned it into the star-studded playground it is today.

Membership to this exclusive club took more than singing , dancing and acting , and martini downing , cigarette smoking and womanizing's. But the Rat pack marked a era because of the fashions that defined the men who were fortunate enough to be a part of it . These were the last days of true Hollywood glamour , Characterized by the impeccable yet effortless tailoring, shark skin suits , slim tie and fitted dress shirts were hallmarks of the rat pack style..

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